WorldNeeds – The Missing Side of the Bitcoin

The Missing Side of the BitCoin Still a draft;     Alternative Headlines; Send Capitalism to Catch Capitalism Unseating Governments. The Easier, Unstoppable Path to Decentralisation Summary There’s a First-Class Lever relationship between Businesses - on the left, Consumers – the supporting fulcrum and society & environment (#worldneeds) – on the right. The lever is Capitalism.... Continue Reading →

A Government Service Robot

Despite the state’s many & daily programs and services, the youth’s ‘hearts and minds’ experience everything else but the state. Every day I wake up and; when I brush ‘Colgate’ sticks in the mind and heart, when I buy airtime MTN sticks, when I withdraw money Stanbic bank sticks and all other products and services... Continue Reading →

Creative Capitalism: Recalibrating Capitalism to Fast-Track #worldneeds

Giving hasn’t been reinvented since its start. With social and environmental issues (World-Needs) changing at snail pace, and the internet reducing global divide, it’s time to reinvent giving to fast track a better world for more people. Innovation is about mass adoption usually through cost reduction. So how about we reduce the cost of sacrifice... Continue Reading →

E-Commerce to Elusive Poverty; Digital Transformation Needs to Be Inclusive.

Imagine a Uganda with only 3% unemployment, and 90% living above $5 a day. Imagine a Uganda where it takes small and medium businesses less than one week to sell their stock. Imagine a Uganda where 95% of small and medium businesses aren’t turned away by credit institutions, and easily contribute tax revenues. We're no... Continue Reading →

Identity Verification: Is Hindering Financial Inclusion in Africa

Google prides itself in building technologies that improve access to the world's information by shouldering complexities for others to achieve their goals. One neglected information problem affecting many sectors is Identity Management. Its negative impact is worse in the financial sector and the $726 Billion global payments sector that require strict user identity verification. Outdated... Continue Reading →

Response to: Why Venture Capital hasn’t taken off in Africa

This is a response to TMS Ruge's Article specifically to his expression about what he calls White-Fronting which is where a start-up from Africa (I prefer Developing Economy) intentionally recruits a white person(again i prefer "Developed Country" citizen) as co-founder  just to get VC financing. It also includes related ideas i had already given thought about and... Continue Reading →

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